What We Buy

Akshar is always in the market for plastic parts, regrind, virgin resin, and scrap. The list below represents some of the plastic material we buy. The material listed below is not all inclusive but represents commonly recycled plastics. Contact us for a custom quote from the list below or about other material.

ABS Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

Impact resistant, chemical resistant, can be flame retardant; electronics; automobile hub caps, wheel covers, taillight assemblies; pipe; appliance door panels; room lighting fixtures; cosmetic packaging; and more

PC Polycarbonate

Bulk water bottles; CD/DVDs; baby bottles; automotive taillight assemblies; refrigerator crisper drawers; medical devices; and more

HDPE High Density Polyethylene

Milk, water, cosmetic, shampoo, dish detergent, laundry detergent bottles; yogurt, margarine tubs; cereal box liners; grocery, trash, and retail store bags; m crates, totes, bins, and pallets; and more

LDPE Low-density polyethylene

Dry cleaner, bread, and frozen food bags; squeezable bottles; stretch wrap, shrink films; and more

PET or PETE Polyethylene Terephthalate

Beverage containers; ketchup & salad dressing bottles, peanut butter, pickle, jelly and edible oil jars; ovenable films and trays; carpet and other fiber; X-ray and label stock; and more

PP Polypropylene

Ketchup, yogurt and margarine tubs; medicine bottles, VCR jackets; carpet fiber and carpet backing, yarn carriers/cones, tubes and spools; fabric webbing; automotive battery casing; and more

PS Polystyrene

Compact disc cases; electronics; Styrofoam, expandable foam; food services and grocery store meat trays; egg cartons; aspirin bottles; foam cups; plastic cups, plates and flatware and packaging; and more

PVC Polyvinyl chloride

Clear food and non-food packaging; medical tubing; wire and cable insulation; film and sheets; pipe, fittings, siding, floor tile, carpet backing, window and door frames; shower curtains and swimming pool liners; and more

Other Plastic Parts • Regrind • Virgin Resin • Plastic Scrap

Acetal • CAB • Nylon 6 • Nylon 6/6 • PBT • TPE • TPU

  • Akshar Buyers will custom quote for plastic parts, regrind, plastic resin, and plastic scrap.
  • Akshar will purchase Full Truck Loads (FTL) and pay for shipping and material

To request a quote on plastic parts, regrind, virgin resin or plastic scrap contact us.

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